LANAP Procedure

periolase_src_1LANAP, or Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, treats periodontal (gum) disease with the use of the PerioLase® laser. A highly specialized Nd:YAG dental laser, the PerioLase is used to remove the infected and dead tissue of the gums around the roots of the teeth. There’s no cutting involved, and no sutures are needed, unlike traditional gum surgery. The PerioLase laser not only leaves the healthy, live gum tissue safe, but it also stimulates the tissue in order to regenerate it quicker. This makes healing faster than before!

LANAP is one of the newest and most advanced procedures for treating periodontal disease, and its precision and effectiveness is quickly making it one of the most notable advancements in periodontics. Patients undergoing LANAP, in comparison to more traditional treatments for periodontitis, can typically expect:

  • less post-procedure discomfort
  • less inflammation and bleeding during and after the procedure
  • less chance of dental decay following the procedure
  • a more aesthetic appearance of the gums after the procedure
  • a faster rate of healing and gum re-growth

If you are suffering from periodontitis, please ask us about LANAP as your treatment solution.

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